Teaching concepts and goals

I have taken my artistic vision into my teaching experience at the Alberta College of Art + Design and into the USA and internationally through workshops. My art practice is about changing our culture, through my own work, role modeling and inspiring emerging artists as they create their own paths. The students I mentor explore their creative spirit with art jewellery and art wear. They develop the skills to understand their artistic process and conceptual interests using the wearable art movement as a vehicle. They are taught to create a personal history.

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The Alberta College of Art + Design’s 2009

The Alberta College of Art + Design’s 2009

Wearable Art class presents the Exhibition in Motion- Regalia

The Wearable Art courses I have developed is a real live art experience. The artist is required to create wearable artwork using the body as an inspiration and as a canvas. The wearable pieces have conceptual content. The students are required to write short bio’s and statements for the publication.

Documentation of the artwork and class experience begins in the third week. The artist portraits, group shoots, documentation of artwork on the model and of the artist working is a major part of the responsibility. Artist images are published in a number of newspapers and websites. The artists exhibit work at the ACAD Open House and OneBlueWall gallery, they have performed at Art Centrals Birthday party and the Art Gallery of Calgary’ fundraiser ArtWear. The artist learns the skills to interview on TV and radio. They become a part of Calgary’s cultural lfe.

The student learns to work collaboratively. The group engages with weekly meetings (observing how to run a meeting) to discuss everything from music for the performance, to the title, the artists line up and much more. They develop skills in and the value of communication. They learn strategies in negotiation in a group, recognizing that every voice is important and valuable (including their own). The artist has to explain and defend their point of view.

Each artist takes on a role to complete for the group. They may choose to learn a new skill or improve on techniques they are interested in. These roles include: designing postcards and a poster, be a photographer, working in Photoshop, building power point presentations, writing articles and a press release, working in digital media, develop a social presence, learn how to interview, communicate, work with professionals administrators and learn how to strategies and take on a leadership role.The concept of good time management and balance in their personal and professional is introduced. Etiquette and how to be a conversationalist is a part of the class experience.  The artist is in the community speaking about their artwork to many people with and without art education or interest. They discover that they are representing the arts and have a strong voice. They become empowered and see how culture is build outside of the school.

Wearable Art class presents the Exhibition in Motion- Regalia

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Full Frontal Fashion 2006

Wearable Art class

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