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Wearable Art statement

Artist and designers have long been exploring imagery, fashion and language through wearable art. This form of artistic expression gives the individual the opportunity to investigate a multidisciplinary practice. Wearable art is a statement which blurs creative boundaries. The artist explores concept, material and performance. Both fashion and fine art can be addressed in the context of the body. There is glamour with a touch of irony in wearable art garments.

Fashion is a state of mind. A spirit and an extension of one’s self.
Fashion talks, it can be an understated whisper or a high-energy scream
Fashion is more then wearing clothing in our daily lives.

It’s is all around us.  In our eviormental design, artutecture, music
Our cars, our phones, our behaviors.

One thing is certain in the fashion world, change.

Pumping Fashion

Pumping Fashion
Dee said, “Ding Ding I turned the Bike into Bling!”
What should I do to be Eco and Chic?

Them suddenly a bike whizzed by in my mind and said, “HEY Dee, Beep Beep.”
My idea became crystal clear
It’s de-construction Then re-construction

It’s tires and tubes, chains and sprockets, reflectors and bells
These designs are swell

A dress, a corset, a bracelet, a necklace,
Add some kinky gear too…
belts, earrings, glasses, rings and a pocket book

I’ll think of more things… to make,
to do…  before this line is through

It’s for gals and guys
It’s fashion and safety
It’s about fun, it’s about play

So hey
Be excited in deed!

Try it on… start a trend…
and be the first in the pack…  be in the lead.
It’s dope I swear
Wear it if your dare……..


Dee Fontans 2012

This ‘Outing The Body’ work and performance was created for the exhibition “Pink Tea” at the Leighton Centre, Alberta, June 19, 2004

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Other ‘Outing The Body’ work

Believing nothing happens in isolation, I am concerned with interrelationships of meaning and detail. The art is sculptural, pushing visual and physical boundaries on the figure through movement, size, form and color. The work investigates the relationships between itself, the wearer and audience.

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(All photo credits on this web page: Charles Lewton-Brain)

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