I love jewellery.
Jewellery is made with materials which are the financial foundation of the world.
I love making jewellery.
The objects a jeweller creates are ceremonial, used in rites of passage,and
become treasured heirlooms.
I love wearing jewellery.
Jewellery has meaning in the culture and evokes emotion.
I love teaching jewellery.
I’ve learned so much.
I love talking about jewellery.
The work speaks to identity, symbolism, self expression.
I love the history of jewellery.
Jewellery has been identified as the first form of art humans created in the
history of all mankind. We are the only creatures who adorn our bodies.


There is a magic and a power in controlling fire. Fire is commonly associated with the qualities of energy and passion. Born under the sign of Aries my personality is dominated by fire; rebellious, enthusiastic, extroverted and a leader.

My jewellery pieces are made with love, skill and a material that is the financial foundation of the world. These objects become heirlooms, souvenirs, treasures that live through the memories of their owners.

Selection of jewellery from Outing The Body collection.

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All photos on this page credit: Charles Lewton-Brain

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