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Dee Fontans is a autodidactic, polymath, multi media artist.

Autodidactic,  noun, A self-taught person.

Polymath: noun, A person of great or varied learning.

Multimedia Artists: A contemporary artists who use a wide range of media to communicate their art.

Her ongoing project, ‘Outing The Body’, is a series of related wearable art objects and performance events inspired by the human form that blurs boundaries and fuses together fine jewelry, fashion design and performance art. As an artist Dee is committed to material culture and creativity.

Dee wearing ARTitecture Dress. Sweet City Woman video shoot, Calgary City Hall. 2012
Click on photo to watch Sweet City Woman video. 20 sec. mark



…. Bow Building ….Peace Bridge…. Calgary Tower … Centre Street Bridge

The game Guess the Calgary architectural icon:

-It was 24 years ago 1988 and  Calgary lit up the world for the  Olympics on the …. Calgary Tower facinator

-I walk over it any time I want to go to the Sunnyside of Calgary…. the Peace Bridge gloves

-I sometime wear one in my hair; it is also the name on a river in Calgary…. the Bow Building

-Here in Calgary we all have a little cow folk in us and it’s 100 years of Stampede so “Let’s get back in the …” Saddle Dome clutch purse

-It’s not the left and it’s not the right it’s the … Centre Street bridge shoes

Thanks for playing the riddle game. 

Cheers, Dee







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